Romar & Ravzan (RoraProd), Nightclubber Podcast 54


Romar & Ravzan gather behind RoraProd, their common moniker. They built their musical universe spending hours in vinyl shops and listening to various genres of electronic music, going back to the early years of House and Techno. They also drew inspiration from artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, and [a:rpia:r]. Own musical selection and approach differentiates them from casual DJ’s and allows them to also pursue individual careers or mixing back to back.

After spending years building their musical identity and sharpening the skills, they decided to create the vinyl label Rora in 2011, to spread their philosophy and vision of music. All the members of Roracontribute to their whole identity by the diverse influences, backgrounds and skills. The expression of the originality resides in the musical identity and in the development of the innovative concepts.

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