S.A.M. to release on Delaphine in November 2013

Great news this autumn! S.A.M. releases in November 2013 a number of 300 copies of his new two sided 12” vinyl on Delaphine Label. Melancholia, specific sounds, dub sounds or classic vibes, everything is in Delaphine001. Max Binski is responsable for the disc’s cover which is a total masterpiece. S.A.M. is definitely killing with this one and we couldn’t be more excited about this!

S.A.M. is a DJ from Israel who has collaborated so far with international labels like Pluie/Noir or Fathers&Sons and who has recently started his own label especially for his personal productions. Owner of the Delaphine Label, S.A.M. leaves a powerful personal imprint on the three tracks of his latest EP.

The EP begins with a risingly dub techno track that draws attention at it’s dynamic grooves and ambiental sounds. The second track is done in collaboration with the music consultant Louise Ernandez and it is focused on some tweaked basslines that are perfectly mastered along with a simple dub synth. The longest part of the EP is the third track and it includes some drum beats that that assault your ears in a more than pleasant way.

Artist: S.A.M.
Cat: Delaphine001
Release Date: November 2013

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