Sailor Mood/Summed & Dot to release on All Inn Records

Having taken the decision earlier this year to become a vinyl only imprint, Romania’s All Inn Records has become more exclusive and its releases more sought after then ever before. The fact that each release is pressed in a limited number also adds to the mystique that surrounds this exciting label.Today All Inn Records look to celebrate their second birthday with possibly their finest release to date, featuring a remix dream-team. “The Brick Remixes” sees two of the All Inn family, Sailor Mood and Summed & Dot, receive the remix treatment from DJ Qu and Kassen Mosse.NYC legend Qu gets to grips with “Brick Brick Brick” and builds this house from the very depths, up. Smooth atmospherics flow between rasping hats, gattling-snares and spine-tingling synth notes. Leipzig’s Kassem Mosse takes on the task of reworking “East Brick Wall” and with hi-hats taking centre stage again, turns in a beautifully deep, wintery soundscape of invitingly textured bass and considered keys.

More info here.

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