San Proper “Yestoday” EP (Perlon 99) is now available

Amsterdam underground heavyweight San Proper is releasing on May 6 the Yestoday EP via Perlon.

The pilot track, Yestoday, is very dance-like and it feels like you’re at a fair, a circus or some kind of a freakshow at the beginning of the 20th century…somewhere in Europe. You can almost see the firebreathers and the acrobats everywhere around you. The track’s minimalistic beauty gives you a breath of serenity and its flirty vocals sweeten it even more.

Drop & Run is not that much of a floor filler, despite it’s a fast-paced tune. It’s a very creepy track, mostly because of the evil laughter that keeps going through the entire tune. Maybe that’s one of the circus clowns that is laughing at you as you exit the circus. Burn For Love is the real gem in this EP. Amazing vocals and awesome guitar chords set the mood right for a more slow-mo track, that somehow reminds me of a Massive Attack tune. I say this in the most respectful and positive way, as MA are one of my favourite bands ever. Burn For Love is the kind of track that you just play on repeat.


 Words by Mira Karadjova

PERLON99 San Proper  – Yestoday


Side 1

1.         “Yestoday

Side 2

1.         “Drop & Run

2.         “Burn For Love

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