Sascha Dive, Nightclubber Podcast 105

Strongly influenced by the godfathers of deephouse such Moodyman, Chez Damier or Ron Trent and following the first waves of top notch German houselabels like Playhouse, Sascha Dive progressed to a serious floor fighter since his first official appearance in 2007. With a musical taste reaching from his deephouse background and soulful minimal sounds to kicking and mindblowing techno he played almost every leading club and festival over the last years.

For our 105th episode of Nightclubber Podcast, the talented german dj and producer, crafted a very nice (vinyl only) set and also agreed to have a little chat about his past, present and future:


1. Hello Sascha how are?


Today I am actually feeling very well! A little bit too much work at the minute. In fact, Reboot and I just finished working on two albums for Deep Vibes Recordings


 2. Can you tell us, from your point of view, how does someone go from playing records in his room to moving masses?


First of all, it is all about passion and staying true to yourself. Secondly, it is also important to be lucky!


 3. In almost every artist career there is a point where things escalate to another level, what was yours?


It actually started pretty early, I would say after the remix by Moodymann  as well as after my first album. From that moment, I could really start to travel the world and play in the best clubs.


 4. When did you start production and what gear did you use back then?


I started to produce when I was around 15/16 years old, which is the same period that I start djing. Back then, as well as nowadays, I produce half in analog and half in digital because I believe that mixing these two techniques leads to the best result and this is what matters in the end. You can even have the most expensive analog equipment but if the sound is not right, there is no point. “It is all about the heart where it comes from!”


5. And since we are here how does the new tech affect the production process? 


I think most of the time the production process is quite fast and I´ve learned more over the years! But there is always something more to learn! Currently, thanks´ to all the new plug ins from Ableton, it became way easier for people to produce music. Whether is good or not I don´t know, I don´t feel like judging.


 6. What are your current and near future plans? What comes next in your “timeline”?


There is quite a lot going on; after a short break, this year will be quite busy especially because of my new album “Dark Shadow” which will be released on my own label Deep Vibes Recordings. One EP and a remix for Woody on Rekids, the label of Radio Slave! And of course many remixes and releases. A lot of work man!


7. Now we know you visited several times Romania, what did you enjoy the most while here?


I have many friends in Romania like Rari (Raresh) so I always enjoy to play there, especially because I always receive such a warm welcome!


 8. You surely visited a lot of places in the last decade, what is the place that impressed you the most and why?

Above all, this year my favorite gig was at Jellyfish in the Dominican Republic, such a beautiful island, great food and very nice people. Also the Cocoon events in Amnesia on Mondays, where I actually played the opening party, that was awesome! Also We Are FSTVL near London is surely a great memory. And of course there are so many places, persons, clubs that I cannot nominate all but every time I think of them, I just get a big smile on my face.


 9. What does Sascha Dive like to do when he is not producing or traveling the world?


Producing and music in general are my life and therefore there is not much time for other things but of course, when I am off, I love to spend time with my friends, family and my dog.


 10. Can you give us 5 tracks that every electronic music passionate listener should not miss?


I can tell you five albums that would make it easier:


  Global Communication – 76:14


  Herbert* – 100 Lbs


  DJ Shadow – Endtroducing…..


  Fingers Inc. – Another Side


  Moodymann – Silentintroduction

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