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We managed to talk a bit with the superstar DJ, Scarlett Etienne, who accepted our invitation for a quiz interview. Scarlett has risen from the New York electronic music scene, but she’s born in Hong Kong. She moved to San Francisco then Ibiza  to learn about  music production. Currently based in London, for the last three years, Scarlett has now signed the Mainstage Artists roster. She is definitely one of the hottest DJ’s on the music scene right now so it’s no wonder that was chosen by SASHA as DJ Magazine’s ‘one to watch’.

01// Naturally, your musical career reached worldwide appreciation and a large number of clubs and venues around the world invited you to play.That must be any artist’s dream or goal. What does it take to be “on the top of the wave”, a top artist in 2011?

Thank you, I feel very blessed to have travelled to so many places already in 2011 to share music with people. It just takes hard work and determination, and a whole lot of love.

02// To remain on topic, considering all the places and events you were invited, is there a place where you felt let’s say… really special? : )

Romania, of course. I have played all over Romania including Studio Martin, Bucharest, and Club Midi, in Cluj. In the past I have performed in other places in Romania including Sunwaves Festival. It’s definitely my favorite country to play in at the moment, the people on the dancefloor are very appreciative and open minded for good music, and very lovely.

03// You use both traditional music instruments ( I love the guitar) and digital tools and also, you have a very wide range of music genres, from pop to electro and techno. Who are the artists that influenced you during this musical journey?

Every day is a musical journey! When I was in Berlin recently, I had the chance to hear Rhadoo play at Panoramabar. It was quite literally the best day of my life, what amazing music! I also appreciate artists like Bjork, Depeche Mode, Nicki Minaj, and Siouxsie Sioux. I also like electro producers like Boys Noize and Etienne de Crecy. When I need to detatch when I’m in the studio, I quite often retreat to practicing classical piano pieces by Rachmaninoff or Chopin. It’s a catharsis for me. I just love great music, I want to create it, consume it, be a part of it, posess it, and share it.

04// At Watergate gig was the first time you introduced an electric guitar in your live show? How many guitars do you have?

Yes, it was my first time! I have seven guitars, including the Gibson Les Paul I used at Watergate, A Simon & Patrick Luthier 12-string, A limited edition Billy Corgan Fender Stratocaster, and a little Vintage acoustic I purchased on a recommendation from a fellow artist on my agency, named Peter Green (formerly of Fleetwood Mac)

05// Thank you for accepting our podcast invitation. How would you describe it?

This podcast was inspired by the deeper techno set I played at Watergate recently, the sort of stuff you would hear me playing when I play at clubs like Club Midi or Studio Martin. I’d refer to it as Chic Techno with electro influences. See if you can spot the cheeky Nicki Minaj sample!

06// Tell your fans a little something about future plans.

To become a star…. however, I don’t want to dominate the world, I just want to connect with it.

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Credits: photo by Camille Sanson

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