Sepp to release “Trubadurul” EP on Catren soon

Born and raised in Constanta, home of the legendary La Mania club, Sepp was influenced by electronic music’s finest sound from an early age. Step by step he rose from the ranks not only to become his city’s most beloved dj but also a La Mania resident. Production followed quickly and quickly came a few releases for UVAR, BodyParts or Andromeda. Now it’s time for a new challenge and it appears Sepp is here to serve. Catren is the name, Sepp is the game !

Sepp’s work is usually a bit minimalistic and super organic and this EP is no different. Crampei de balad starts a little broken an creepy only to develop into a super casual dance track. With the kick in comes the synth that will only be eclipsed by the occasional vocals. Dance !

Glass din stele is the serious one. The steely organic feel present in so many of his works is on. Dark strings, piano, ample reverbed spaces and a super groove come together into a ultra deep track that echoes the artist’s fundamental influences. Petre Inspirescu and Ricardo Villalobos, probably, if we have to guess.

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