Seuil, 2 Up Modules EP – [EKLO026]

Imagine being trapped in a world without electronics. If you can’t, take the example of Seuil, who stepped into the world of music hardware to create 2 Up Modules. His classical and jazz experience has driven the spirit of his sounds to the outer regions of the passion for machine drums. As a matter of fact, you may have listened to Seuil’s last release, an only statement of what house music should be about.

Coming from the Reunion Island to the unsettling stages of Paris, such as La Scène Bastille, Seuil was back in 2006 one of the best newcomers, his music being compiled on some Cocoon releases, one alongside Raresh.

Growing yet another passion for vinyl, Seuil steps forward now with 2 Up Modules EP from his own imprint Eklo Records. This recent experiment with sound without computer science in between is forthcoming and should be listened as a form of a new movement.

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