Seuil “Chocolate Gangsta” EP review

The month of May starts promising with a catchy EP from SeuilChocolate Gangsta- released at Eklo, his own label established since 2007. Eklo gained a lot of popularity along the years mostly because of all the young and bold artists such as Michael Melchner, Cristi Cons, Le Loup or the guys over at dOP who collaborated with this Parisian brand.

As Seuil has already gotten us used to his vinyl-only passion, Chocolate Gangsta makes no exception from the golden rule of this reputed producer.

This EP is a combination of groovy sounds, micro cuts, tech grooves and timeless trip house flavours all spun by Seuil under the names of Al Capote and Do the left thing (tribute to tm) on the A side and The jungle (frask) on B side.

The fact that he uses unusual vocals on all three tracks presented on Chocolate Gangsta only makes them even more appealing to the ears of the beholder.

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