Shaun Soomro, Nightclubber Podcast 90

Shaun Soomro is a DJ that can be seen regularly in London and across Europe and he’s also the co-head honcho of Lick My Deck label, one of London’s fastest rising stars in the underground electronic music scene. A mainstay of the London club scene, Shaun Soomro earned his stripes as a DJ on the underground radio scene from an early age, going on to play at some of London’s most legendary clubs, such as The End, Fabric and Plastic People, to name but a few. Shaun’s skills as a DJ are unquestionable with his sets characterized by warm, melodic, deep and engaging house & techno.

In 2007 he (with Matt Jolley) founded Lick My Deck, an underground label dedicated to releasing what they dub “intelligent and provocative electronic music”. The label has since gone from strength to strength with a slew of releases from respected producers like Thomas Melchior, Petre Inspirescu, Bruno Pronsato & Ion Ludwig to name a few.

It’s a big pleasure for us to provide a very special 3 Hour recorded live last year at the 5 Years Of Lick My Deck  party as Nightclubber Podcast 90 featuring Shaun Soomro.  He was also kind enough to accept our invitation for a small interview as well:

What have you been up to lately?

Recently I moved to Dubai for a couple months to get some sun and work on some new projects.

How is the scene in Dubai ?

The music that is played in Dubai on a whole is quite commercial. There are a few good promoters bringing credible underground artists over and throwing some cool parties which is helping it grow and at the same time educating the people. We just threw our first LMD showcase here with Thomas Melchior and the response was great.

Tell us about the mix ?

The mix was recorded live last year at 5 Years Of Lick My Deck at a very special club in London.

At what age did you start to Dj and how was it back then ?

I started djing in the early 90’s at around 15 years of age. My first decks I learned on or deck should I say as I only had one, was a half broken belt drive and a cheap two channel mixer that I used to cue my dad’s records on and try to mix them to what was playing on the radio. The medium was vinyl and if you wanted to be distinctive from the
rest you had to dig for records, also becoming friends with the sales guys at the record shop helped as there was more of a chance of getting the special white labels or one offs.

What kind of music are you listening too when you’re not playing in the club ?

I have no specific genre but I love to find new music to listen to, it’s a hobby of mine to discover
something new that I have never heard before. That’s what I do a lot when I’m not playing out.

Name your favorite producers or a musicians that you like in a particular way ?

There are many producers I love but if I had to choose of the top of my head: Prince, Herbie Hancock, Lil Louis – these guys influenced me big time when I was growing up and definitely changed the way I think about music till this present day.

What’s the story behind ‘Lick My Deck’ record label ?

Both myself and Matt had been involved in the music industry for years although in totally different fields. A chance meeting with Matt at the BBC studios in London turned into a friendship from our mutual love of music and curiosity into our backgrounds and differences. After years of DJ’ing and PR we both felt the need to build something concrete. It was a natural progression to combine our talents and knowledge and create something for ourselves so LMD came together pretty organically. At the start it was an enormous challenge, we could both visualize what we wanted but we were literally creating it out of nothing. The name was the hardest as everything we came up with had already been taken. We were going back and forth for days and then after a particularly hard weekend I staggered into the bathroom and shouted out to Matt Lick My Deck as a joke! Being Matt he loved it and we kept joking about it and it finally stuck. We had the name, the logo and the vision but that was it. I began to approach people I admired in the scene and our first signing was Akiko Kiyama and then Pheek and then Mikael Stavostrand all the Artists knew each other so the family just kept growing naturally.

Tell us about any future projects ?

At the moment I am just finishing designing the artwork for LMD012 with Dibo our art director. Also we are putting together some cool line ups for future LMD showcases around the globe this year.

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