Silence party with Soul Capsule and Maayan Nidam , 16th of September

“Last summer we organized the first one of our five introductory “What?”nights. The intention was to make you guys familiar with our art, with the music we like to play and with the musicians we would like to present. The purpose of this introduction was completed last April before the summer break when we took time off to re-think our project and the steps we will take next on the vibrant scene in London.

Now we are back and the musical project we prepared this time will introduce a new visual element. The balance of great music and beautiful visuals can create a unique, almost a spiritual experience. Our project from now onwards will be called Silence.

For the first Silence night we got a group of very special musicians to play.

First of all our headliner is the legendary underground project Soul Capsule.

They will be joined by Maayan Nidam and the resident Silent Collective.

Our new VJ friend Chris White will stimulate your sight with his latest video creations. All this will go on till 7am!”  this is the press release for the upcoming party featuring Soul Capsule and Maayan Nidam , this is definetely a lineup we would recommend and Soul Capsule (Thomas Melchior and Peter Ford (Baby Ford)) is something you won’t see everyday .

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