SIT – Kamuza EP Review [NAU001]

Making minds and bodies move in a simultaneous fashion is pretty much any new label’s motto, these days, but factor in a little playfulness and a touch of weirdness and you’ve got yourself something that has the potential to change perceptions and alter states. Naural presents its debut release in the form of Kamuza EP signed by our compatriots Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons as SIT(Sideways Invisibility Theory).

The A side “Moai” sets the mood with a wonderful display of playful simplicity. An interesting array of clicks and pops catches the attention right from the get-go, dancing with the bassline and the cleverly sequenced, melodic pattern. The introduction of short and tight snares gives the track a rolling, flowing quality. Even though the sounds themselves sound simple, the way they are all layered and modulated makes all these elements a pleasure to discover.

The B side “Mazuka” is a slightly darker beast pulling you in with carefully layered, melodic atmospherics and haunting distant vocal delays. Acoustic percussion elements are more at home here than in the more synthetic A side, represented by well arranged and reverberated metallic hard hits, sharp hi hats. Even though the bassline and strong kick give it a harder flavor, there is method and finesse to all the madness, that makes this perfect for the late afternoon hours on a Sunday.

SIT have shown us once again that they have the skill and passion to weave sounds together in order to form such a well driven release, showing a bright future for themselves, as well as the infant label.

A – Moai
B – Mazuka
Label: Naural

Catalog: NAU001
3 December 2012

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