Romanian record label Amphia have just released their third vinyl and it is very far from your run of the mill record. The label owners, Vlad Caia & Cristi Cons, are showcased here in their collaborative form under the project name SIT.

A side “Channeling”┬áis a very pleasant listening experience full of depth and grace. The beat and bass take the center stage here while everything else is kind of muted and carefully filtered just waiting to be discovered. Unlike the A side, most of the drum elements are acoustic in nature. An element that is never hidden here is the complex array of melodic atmospherics. The three minute long outro gives you a chance to reflect upon some of the elements in greater detail and leaves you feeling cooled and relaxed.

B side “Ex” has a very industrial, feel to it right off the bat. Aside from the hypnotic 4/4 beat we have a very playful bassline, bright reverbed synthetic drum elements that are carefully crafted in sound and well placed in the structure of the sound, giving the track a smooth, rolling feel. A detuned pad helps complete this beauty’s slightly darker melodic character.

This is then a very effective record in the sense that it perfectly showcases what the dynamic duo are capable of, complex and mesmerizing at the same time.

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