SIT, Nightclubber Podcast 30

Although many of you are already familiar with names like Vlad Caia or Cristi Cons , few would know about their SIT project . Previously they’ve also been know as Funknutt (with Fouchat) . SIT or Sideways Invisibility Theory appeared first time in 2009 and it’s a fusion between the two artists vision of sound , creating something new and unique . SIT released it’s “Year 3000” ep in 2010 on Valentino Kanzyani’s label , Jesus Loved You . The two have just launched their own label Amphia and released their first ep titled “Traversa” that received a remix from Petre Inspirescu .Before we let you enjoy our 30th Nightclubber Podcast , we invite you to check a short interview featuring SIT.

1. Hello guys, how are you?

Hello Nightclubber, we’re doing fine, crazy busy working on Amphia, on our projects and so on.

2. How long do you know each other?

We’ve known each other since 2007 or so.

3. How did you both fell in love, with electronic music?

Cristi: I got in touch with electronic music by checking out the local club scene in my home town Craiova listening to the likes of Rhadoo and Pedro.

Vlad: I have a good friend that was getting a lot of early techno, mostly rave sounds from Germany and Netherlands, that’s what got me curious in club music.

4. What are the things that inspire you the most?

Cristi: I’ve always been inspired by classical music.

Vlad: I can say that I find my inspiration in Scandinavian landscapes and the human condition.

5. Favorite gigs/club?

Amphia release party for the both of us.

6. Since now we’ve seen many examples of collaborations between Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons, how would you consider the resulting output of your team work related to the individual one?

It varies a lot and we don’t have any rules. We just set up our instruments and jam while recording. The end result can be great and can be not that great. The process is important. On the individual side we can be more flexible and focus on a certain type of project or sound. Hope it makes sense.

7. So you’ve launched Amphia, we would like to hear you own opinion about the label and the released/future coming, vinyl content.

Amphia is a vinyl only label. It’s been in the plan for some years and now we finally have it running under a concept we feel comfortable. We want to put as much quality as we can. Cristi did the first release called “Traversa” with a remix from Petre Inspirescu. The reactions have been great and we can only strive for even greater. For the next planned releases we like to keep it under wraps, but one thing we can say is that it will feature some unexpected guests.

8. Are there any difference regarding the motivation felt some while ago and the one felt in the present?

It’s been a long road and the hardest I think is just keep going and follow the important path. As we said earlier we love the process so the motivation has always been there.

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