Steve O’Sullivan, Mosaic Reshaped & Unreleased Limited Vinyl LP

Amazing news for those who miss old clasics! Sushitech is re-releasing
Steve O’Sullivan and his Mosaic in early May 2013, pre-order is also availabe. Why is this release so special? First of all because of it’s awesome tracklist which is composed of classic, rare and unreleased tracks from O’Sullivan’s collection. In brief, this is the magnificent tracklist:

A1 The Ferocious Physics – This Is Not A Seance (alternate mix)
B1 Steve O’Sullivan – Burnt Out? (version)
B2 The Wise Caucasian – Out Of The Blue (version)
C1 Jorge Zamacona – Effort #1 (Extended Stimulus mix)
D1 The Wise Caucasian – Celestial Empire (version)
D2 The Wise Caucasian – Socratic Roads
E1 Downlink – Arrival (Remastered)
F1 Mark Ambrose – Take It Back (Remastered)
F2 Steve O’Sullivan – Better Late Than Never (unreleased mix)

Secondly, this vinyl only release is nothing less than an introduction for
Steve O’Sullivan’s comeback and his new releases that Sushitech is preparing
for 2013. Steve O’Sullivan – Mosaic Reshaped & Unrelreased contains tracks
that were produced by O’Sullivan both under his name and The Wise
Caucasian moniker.

Thirdly, we are talking about the master of minimal dub techno – Steve
O’Sullivan, who is well-known to fans for his minimal tracks and dub effects,
but also for the specific sound between house and techno that characterizes the
Mosaic label. The package includes 3 vinyls in a gatefold sleeve and a special
A2 poster designed by Kerry Roper.

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