Suburbs “Din Suflet” EP [PALOTIE 001]

Suburbs decided to launch their own label- Palotie- in April and we couldn`t be more excited at hearing the good news.

Four tracks- Amazon, Therapy, Trip and Craiasa – will enchant our ears on this first release, all of them encrypted on a 12”, beautifully illustrated, white vinyl.

After listening to previous releases from Suburbs on Archipel and Not So Secret Diary record labels we can confidently state that although the duo remains loyal to techno, Din Suflet  LP presents the music genre`s  distinctive features from a very original perspective.  With sounds coming from a distant gothic era, ghostly vibes, haunting percussion passages and simple, repetitive musical line, there is hardly any doubt that this release comes –just as its title suggests- straight from the heart of Romania.

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