Suburbs, Nightclubber Podcast 92

Distancing themselves from the vibe of the city and choosing the moan and lisp of the utter simplicity of nature, the two Romanian artists that form Suburbs prefer to painstakingly detail the canvas of sound in an ever changing experimental frame with well defined flows of bits, as you can listen and visualize on our new podcast.

With no need to show off whatsoever, Suburbs prefers to keep it low on public appearances, but high on good releases, their first being Archipel Canada, and the second not yet ready but announced for this autumn.

Listen to the Suburbs podcast and tell us how your imagination is moving along worlds of rhythmic mysticism, stretches of wide dubstep spans emerging into the depths of techno experimentation. Hit play and get connected to Suburbs, a Romanian project that becomes a feeling, a dose of pure simplicity so nicely put together on techno frequencies.

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