Tale of Us interview for Vibe FM

Tale of Us are Berlin-based DJ and production partnership Karm and Matteo who are currently re-writing the rulebook for deeply moving, emotional electronic music. Right before the second installement of  Yourstruly party , Vibe FM had the opportunity to ask the guys some questions .

1. I know you were both born in North America and then moved to Italy. How do you present yourselves: north americans, italians? How did you guys meet?

We are italians… we met in a sound engineering school but we dropped school after a few months as we needed to develop our creativity. The school was focused on the more technical part of music production

2. You have a specific sound in your productions. Where does this come from? Can you define it in few words?

We are 2 producers with very different musical backgrounds (Karm is listening to movie soundtracks, rock & heavy metal, Matteo likes old skool house, dark athmospheric house from the ’90s, indie, dark and bassy music like Depeche Mode or Joy Division). Our styles meet in one point and that’s where all this specific sound comes from. It’s more like a journey we started together

3. Your top influencers music wise?

Caribou, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Michael Jackson, Madonna, New Order, The Smiths. We like to listen to pop music on a daily basis, we take inspiration from this kind of music: simple elements that make huge pieces of music. A pad, a bassline, 2 drums and a breakthrough vocal: that’s all you need to get into the people’s minds and souls, that’s what pop music teaches us and now we can make this for the dancefloor also

4. Did your sound match the Visionquest one right from the start or was the meeting with Seth Troxler that changed your perspectives?

Actually we did the tracks before we met Seth, Visionquest didn’t even exist at that time (it was just studio work at that moment). We can say that we and Benoit & Sergio kickstarted Visionquest. Seth offered us a platform to start promoting our music

5. Did you have fun this summer? What’s the best party you attended?

We played for the first time at Panorama Bar in Berlin this summer, at DC10 Ibiza (Circoloco), in Naples also (with Jamie Jones) in front of 2,000 people

6. How is the romanian electronic music seen from Berlin?

You have RPR! We know RPR when they had their residence at DC10 Ibiza. Pedro is one of the best producers in the minimal techno and minimal ambient scene, Rhadoo is also one of the best DJs we listened to.

7. What’s hot on your iPod right now?

Mazzi Star, Massive Attack, Alan Parsons Project, Ennio Morricone

Now for the quick questions:
1. Milan or Inter?

(just Karm) Juve.

2. Pizza or pasta?


3. Vinyl or CD ?


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