Task Kreed, Nightclubber Podcast 80

Task comes from “duty” because Task Kreed has always a duty to fulfil. Where does Kreed come from? Maybe from the name of a PC game or it may come from “creed” because he strongly believes in what he does: he is committed to successfully complete his task or else he doesn’t even start it.

Task Kreed has, at his young age of only 25, a highly remarkable sense of the electronic sound, mostly when it comes to minimal-tech. Moreover, he reveals a lot of imgination and playfulness.Referring to his style, he considers it to be used by only a few DJs.

Its defining ingredients are a strong personality, hard work, ambition and technology: “My style mirrors my own personality. When I’m mixing I expose my feelings, my memories. It’s my relief. I express my own self. I remember feelings, moods, specific moments of my life. That’s why you’ll find sad, indigestible sounds, those rhythms making both my soul and the audience’s vibrate… because I create for me as much as for them. That’s my style, it’s just me!”

Details here.

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