TBF exclusive interview

Also as guest tommorow on our anniversary is Tibi Fratila aka TBF . So we took the opportunity to ask him some questions regarding his past/present/future plans :

At what age did you started djing ?

DJing was something I later decided to do, I think at about 18-19 years old. Makin’ beats on the other hand has always been my thing.

What were the records that you played back then ?

Ahhh, I didn’t have a lot of background in chicago house at that time so whatever came out, new stuff, I played. Got the chance to get more intimate with house music about a year ago, so now I play old and new together, but mostly classics.

Imagine in words a perfect place to play in ?

Outdoor festivals are always the best. If u have good weather and a fantastic view, it can be a transcending experience. The coolest if u`re somewhere up high.

What would you say about your last release and future ones as well ?

My latest release is called King of Swing wich might sound a bit too much, but the idea is not about me. Out on Hector Moralez`s The Factory, doing good so far, positive feedback. My future releases will be something I`ve been working on for quite some time with a lot of work, and is some of my best work so far. Be on the lookout!

There is no secret about your strong friendship with Dj Sneak. How does it feel to be supported by such an artist ?

Well it`s like having a big brother to help you when u get stuck in certain things. His opinion means a lot to me so listening to his advice helped me along the way.

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