TC Studio, Nightclubber Podcast 39

There is no denying the fact that for the last couple of years the romanian electronic music culture grew exponentially both in terms of dj-ing and production wise. If you are a fan of romanian sound you will definitely know to trace a line between a older generation of producers and the new breed. And since we are talking about the new breed, one the names you heard a lot this year is TC Studio. We could start and give you a biography and facts about them but we think it would be easier to know them better from the below interview and enjoy this last Nightclubber Podcast of the year 2011.

1.Hello, how are  you guys doing?

HELLO ! A little nervous about Moscow, but we’re hanging there.

2. First of all, could you let us know when this project started and what were the original goals to be achieved ?

The project started about a year ago, in the winter of 2010. We met in 2005 and slowly started working together, but in 2010 we decided to gather what we thought to be our best works, and compile them on a CD and start promoting it. So we went one night at the “Guest House” club, in Bucharest were Rhadoo was playing, and he was the first to get our CD. So he started playing the tracks, and then others became interested and we started sharing with them. Gescu was also among the first romanian DJ’s that supported us.

3. In our minds the fact that you inspired a lot of romanian artists or foreign ones, with the style you play or create, is already confirmed. Can we suppose that we are talking about a completely new sphere and now in living days the inherited influences became fact of a new sound style?

We dont think you can talk about completely new spheres, everybody is influenced by everybody, so the important thing is what you do with the influences you perceive, and how you add your personal touch to them.

4. Seeing the facts, it took some time until someone placed the trusted hand on your shoulders and had the initiative of inviting TC Studio to play at the passed Cadenza afterhour. That was a real motivational moment for both of you, right?

Yes of course, we were honored to share the booth with Maayan Nidam and Mirco Loko and it was one of the first gig of that proportions, so it was very useful and we learned a lot from it.

5. Friendship, trust and common sense of understanding music are valuable in your project too, but what can you say about things that are different between Matei and Traian musicaly speaking if there are any, of course.

Traian is more experimental and melodical, maybe, while Matei is usually more technical, working on grooves and beats, and tweeking the sound.

6. The vinyl that will be soon available, signed as the first Stricly Chosen record, maybe there are things that will follow up and worth to be mentioned as future works or desired secrets?

Yes, actually this record should’ve been out in September, but things got delayed, so it’s finally going to come out in late January. Future works will be released on Archipel and All Inn Records, maybe just before summer. We will keep you guys posted !

7. It’s the moment when we say thumbs up for having the gig with Phrasis Veteris at Arma17 in Moscow, we think this encourages your  visions and makes the effort implied in your work to be forgotten. How did you react when the news arrived?

We were quite surprised, actually, because we haven’t released anything yet and we currently don’t work with any agency for international bookings. But we were contacted directly by someone who works for Arma17, and they made all the arrangements for us. So, i guess we were both excited and surprised at the same time.

8. Music and art of painting that we can see at your almost every step impressed us, and this reflected using an exibition or by your project logo as well. Could you add some comments related to this?

Traian designed the project logo, he is a painter and currently studies at the Bucharest Art College. So, yes, our music is very often influenced by the visual art and I think sometimes it’s the other way around as well..

9. It was a pleasure to talk with you, we wish good luck in the following period and hope for a next surprize to follow up, bye guys.

Thank you! The pleasure was ours!

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