TC Studio/Onur Özer – Prolog EP – TCS001

Feels like the world is ready for a new label, feels like different artists need individual ways of expressing themselves. Piercing through the vibes of summer, TC Studio takes birth and takes to the sky with the first ever EP. Coming from the creators of TC Studio themselves, Prolog EP is a world of antithesis in a pattern of mysteries, it is about creepy sounds, voices added over incredible synths, ongoing expectation and unmatched thrill.

Prolog EP is released by Matei Tulbure, Traian Chereches – the people behind Tc Studio – and by the one and only Onur Ozer. Whereas the latter is a well-known Turkish artist always in search of fresh beats, Matei Tulbure and Traian Chereches have enjoyed their passion for deep house for a few years at Archipel, All In and Neo Strictly.

Since the atmosphere of Prolog EP stays so courageously dark and mysterious, this EP shall conquer the dance-floors fast, as it can already be purchased.

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