Terje Bakke, Nightclubber Podcast 20

Terje Bakke is a young dj/producer from Bergen, Norway . We were impressed by his productions and dj skills for some time now and fortunately we were able to get in contact with him and ask him for a podcast episode . So we reached our 20th Nightclubber.ro Podcast and it definitely is a special one . Terje was kind enough and responded to a couple of question so you could get to know him better,his sound and his actual/future plans :

1. We already know that your start into electronic music was made at a fresh age. How was back then?

Yes, i started early, and i’m glad i did, because this have shaped my taste and style and helped me develope the strong vision i have today. Back then, i remember i felt i had to always have something to release to be you know, “in the zone”. This resulted in more medicore releases which don’t reflect the passion i have today. Dj-wise i had a show for many years which formed how i develope dj sets today. Every monday i had a two hours show on a internet radio, and for each show i tried to play different and still new and interesting music. It was a challenge, but it was also fun and it have made me aware of always trying to find the music that not everyone else is playing.

2. Taking chance of this quiz interview opportunity, we would like to know more about your own characteristic style, that makes the people mad, here we include us as well .

Music wise its all about simple, yet strong melodies. This mixed with long repetive modern grooves is definetely my trademark. I like slow buildups and buildowns. My music is made for a dj, as my biggest passion is djing.

Dj wise, It’s definetely the music i select and how I put it all together. For me a dj set is so much more than just the next track. I want to build a big tension over time.. i want to play music in a way, so that the music i play feels like it’s meant for this actual djset. It needs to harmonize in a bigger picture. All the tracks i select is piecies of a bigger artwork. I want to suprise and impress the listener with music they never have heard before, even if they are into the same style or is an experienced listener.

3. Tell us a bit more about the event that impressed you the most ?

I played on this underground party in Darmstadt, Germany at new years eve. All the people was so friendly and i got so many new friends. These kind of small inimite underground events is what its all about for me. I love the underground culture because they really understands the music.

4. I was really pleased by the nice idea with the social platform. Maybe I’m outdated but I guess that this brings a lot of feedback from your fans.

At this very moment i’m not getting that much feedback on there.. but if my name grows, my goal is to connect with my fans instantly in a creative way. I really think its important to connect with fans and talk with them, as theyre basically just music lovers that share same interest. I want to create a portal where people with same interests can meet and be friends and discuss things they like.

5. How would you describe your latest “Horsel EP” released at Strictly Chosen

I made them almost two years ago and it was a result of two years munk session where i worked on my sound from my previous releases. It was amazing to get such feedbacks and it showed that my munksessions was worth it.

6. You recenly signed with labels such as Be Chosen and Soulfooled. Could you please talk a bit your about your future plannings regarding releases and colaborations, if any.

There is a lot of things happening.. my previous releases made some interest from a lot of labels.. At the moment i’m working on a lot of music and i’m not sure where they all will end up.
My next release will be on Be Chosen and will be released in a couple of weeks. LOOK OUT FOR IT!
Also a remix coming up for italian Revox and one for norwegian local label Untz Untz.

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