The Mole – History Of Dates [PERLON94]

From the cold days of Canada, we bring you a top DJ of the world: The Mole. He doesn’t come alone, nonetheless. DJ Sprinkles, of whom USA people must have heard, rework the ‘Lockdown Party’ on the recently announced release by The Mole.

Scheduled to appear on the 10th of June, ‘History of Dates’ is yet another step forward for Perlon label. Eagerly waiting for a sample of his work, party people from around the world remember the way The Mole used to perform at more than 5 turntables at once, playing some fine psychedelic pieces of loop intricacies. While doing this only in Montreal, The Mole is more probable to be found in Europe, especially in Berlin, where he released the acclaimed ‘As High as the Sky’ album we still listen today. As for DJ Sprinkles, many should know him by the name of Terre Thaemlitz and by some good albums, such as Where Dancefloors Stand Still’ and ‘Midtown 120 Blues’.

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