tINI, Nightclubber Podcast 38

In a roster dominated by male figures, Desolat‘s tINI is a name that has risen remarkably in the last couple of  years. You’ve seen her behind the decks with big names, touring with Marco Carola and with residencies at Fuse and Cocorico, one can say that tINI is rapidly growing into a name you will hear a lot from in the future to come.

It is a pleasure for us to publish our 38th Nightclubber Podcast featuring tINI, a podcast that came as a gift to us and we like to share it you guys. The set contains some interesting tracks, one of tINI‘s future tracks called  “Shmooh’s Raisin Theory” on Marc Antona‘s Dissonant label  and a track from her new collaboration with, another guest that you can check out on our podcast series, the romanian producer VID.

So this Christmas we invite you to take a one hour break, hit the play button and find out more about tINI in our exclusive interview below.

1. Hello tINI how are you ?

I am very good, thank you!

2. We want to know more about the early years of tINI , what were your
first experiments with sound ?

I grew up surrounded by music. We had a drumset at home, my father used to be a drummer in a band, we also had bongos, an electric guitar, several (clarinet-) flutes and a piano. I never really learned one of these instruments in a professional way but I loved to play around and my dad showed me some drum skills.

3. We know that you grew up in Munich, could you make a comparison between Munich and Berlin from a musical perspective ?

Of course there is a difference between these two cities. Munich always had some interesting clubs and a good scene, which I guess is constantly growing, as far as I can tell from the fact that there are more and more new clubs opening. Well and Berlin…I guess there is a reason why peole call it THE „party town“. There are partys with great lineups happening almost everyday. Different genres and different scenes offer a lot of choices, that’s what I really like, as I prefer to go to concerts and other musical events.

4. What inspired you when you first started producing and did something change in the creative process since then ?

All kind of music was or is inspiring for me! I listen a lot to Indie music and other non electronic music. Everything can be inspiring, especially people that I meet. I am learning by doing…still. There is a constant change, which is very important for me. Now after my album „Tessa“ has been released, I am working on new sounds. Inspired by new people and emotions and of course new machines I collect, like a little modular system. I love working with technical gear and it encourages me a lot when I learn something new about music or sounds.

5. I’ve seen many tINI interviews and got to know your early encounters with Loco Dice and the relationship you have with Desolat . Also i’ve seen a lot of pictures with you and Guti or Livio & Roby in some funny situations/interactions, do you think that one could separate the Desolat family into a new breed generation and a more mature one (Loco Dice/Martin Buttrich) ?

We are still growing as a family. We’re all connected to each other, due to collaborations, friendships… We see each other on a regular basis, due to living in the same city, gigs that we play together or other events. Somehow we are a „new desolat generation“ yes, but we work close together with Martin and Dice so there is no seperation.

6. We know you were on tour with Marco Carola , give us your impressions about the tour and Marco as a day by day person ?

Oh there were so many good moments on the tour. For those who don’t know it…Marco is a super funny guy! He is really good in making jokes and fun of himself and if it wasn’t him doing so, it was his tourmanager (by that time) who took over. It’s hard to tell a certain story now.
I was super happy to play so many shows with him and being able to visit a lot of places I have never been before. He was also a real good teacher.

7. You just launched your album “Tessa” in October and we know it’s named after one of your friends , could you give us some details and finish by concetrating the feel of the album in 3 words ?

It’s a collection of moments. It’s very personal. Almost all the tracks are dedicated to persons that are important to me. Sad stories, happy stories, love stories… I just followed my emotions while producing.

personal. deep. emotional.

8. Your career accelerated a lot in the last couple of years , where do you see yourself in the future ? For example we seen Magda departing from Minus to follow her own vision of sound , do you see yourself in such a position ?

I am very happy with everything as it is right now. I see myself touring around the World, visiting places that I always wanted to see and explore. And constantly building up my studio making more and more music. Maybe my own little label one day. But I don’t see myself ever leaving our Desolat family. Dice and Martin are really taking care of everyone and of the developement of the label and its sound. So I think we all can expect a lot in the future.

9. What do you think about the romanian scene ?

I am a big fan of the romanian scene! I am the biggest fan of our boys Livio & Roby. They inspired me a lot in the past years and I love the way they play.
Of course I also like the „already established“ producers and djs like Rhadoo, Raresh and Pedro. But there are so many new talents growing out of that country, amazing… I spent a loooot of hours this summer listening to endless sets of these guys in some romanian houses in Ibiza.

10. What does tINI like to do when she is not travelling or producing ?

Oh she loves to hang out with her close friends, be out in nature, play for hours with her two little nieces. And of course she loves to sleep.

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