Toi.Toi. Musik 2nd Anniversary preview

You may believe it or not, but there are events that aren’t trying to focus on adding big dj names to the line-up and on selling as much tickets as possible. And yes, there are party organizers that care more about creating intimacy on their events, rather than making it super fancy with bunch of people who’re actually not there for music. The Toi.Toi. Musik crew is one of them. The main idea of Toi.Toi. Musik events is to come up with a concept of parties that will share and spread the love for music with like-minded and hedonistic people – yes, it’s simple as that. This concept has been worked quite well, since they began to throw parties in London. We would like to make some light and name also the founders behind this music concept, Isis Salvaterra and Claus Voitgmann who teamed up two years ago. To retain the party uniqueness, the organizers are always on the look out for new venues, supplied with a good sound installation. In addition to that, the line-up decision is being considered from various different angles, so don’t be surprised if you’ll find there a dj of whom you’ve not heard of.

Since their inception, the Toi.Toi. Musik crew did a couple of quality parties that gained support and appreciation from many partygoers in the UK and across the Europe as well. On June 8th they’ll have a 2nd year anniversary party that will take place in a new venue that you can take a look at on their facebook page. The anniversary line-up speaks for its self. The highlight of the event is taken under control by Sammy Dee and Bruno Pronsanto who are going to perform live with their common project Half Hawaii. The event will be also headlined by fabric’s musical director and resident Craig Richards and by the Toi.Toi. residents Daze Maxim and Voigtmann.

When a party organization gets a special treatment with care like this, the Toi.Toi. Musik 2nd anniversary party has the way more to promise to make this event a night to remember.




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