Toi.Toi.Musik presents Ion Ludwig & Dewalta on 7th September

You may believe it or not, but there are events that aren’t trying to focus on adding big dj names to the line-up and on selling as much tickets as possible. And yes, there are party organizers that care more about creating intimacy on their events, rather than making it super fancy with bunch of people who’re actually not there for music. The Toi.Toi. Musik crew is one of them.

The main idea of Toi.Toi. Musik events is to come up with a concept of parties that will share and spread the love for music with like-minded and hedonistic people – yes, it’s simple as that.

This Friday, 7th September, Toi.Toi.Music invites you to another showcase of quality electronic music in London. The main guests for this showcase will be Ion Ludwin and Dewalta with a warmup from Lamache and Voigtmann.

More info here.

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