Toi.Toi.Musik presents Marc Schneider, Eric Cloutier, Robin Ordell & Voigtmann


Toi.Toi.Musik London presents this Friday Marc Schneider the founder of Wordandsound, one of Europe’s biggest house and techno distributors, been on the front lines of the record industry, Eric Cloutier our lastest Nightclubber Podcast guest and a really good representative of the new generation of American DJs, London’s Robin Ordell that has a very subtle sound , very much influenced by jazz and soul and Claus Voigtmann co-founder of Toi.Toi.Musik and really good Dj now representing London’s underground scene, with great taste if we are allowed to make a note.

The address was revealed: Shutter Studios – Unit 6, Hamlet Industrial Estate, 96 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick E9 5EN

RA Event


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