Toi.Toi.Musik showcase w/ Cristi Cons & Claus Voigtmann on 25th February

Unique in all its forms, its composition, its art, its quality and undeniable ability to take us into another world, a musical experience can be like nothing else. Toi.Toi, a promotion brought to you by Isis Salvaterra and Claus Voigtmann brings us all of the above without compromise. Dedicated to showcasing the best that music has to offer, Toi.Toi brings you refined artists, thought provoking and artistic design features, superb venues and a very precisely equalized sound system. A project meticulously thought through from beginning to end, this promotion is really all about the music.

Toi.Toi is about to feature another party this Saturday, 25th February 2012, at Le Batofar in Paris, featuring Toi.Toi‘s head Claus Voightmann and Cristi Cons, the co-founder of Amphia. Also behind the decks you can see Lam√Ęche, Gui Mutuel, Jay Call.

More info here.

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