Top 10 Speakers

The loudspeaker is definetely the most important element in the music reproduction chain . When you buy a pair of speakers you should really evaluate your room size . I have many friends who use oversized speakers in small rooms and the windows and furniture start to tremble . So i asked myself  ” When is it enough ?” . If you are an audiophile you will surely avoid the 5.1/7.1 systems and aim for 2.0-2.1 systems. So after digging around the net i found a top 10 of 2.0 speakers/monitors which are known for best hifi reproduction.


Q Acoustics 1050

Bowers and Wilkins 683

Quad ESL 2805

Dynaudio Audience 42

Focal Chorus 836V


Bowers and Wilkins 802D

Dali Ikon 7

Epos M12.2

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