Fumiya Tanaka, Unknown possibilities 3 – 3 [TRM 028]

A collectable new vinyl has recently been released by Torema Records, the third and last of the series, named after the senses it awakes, and the experiences it produces. So get ready for ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’, the best in what a successful DJ can create, that DJ being Fumiya Tanaka, from Japan.

A techno veteran indeed, one that some may call the melting pot of club culture, mixing that unique funk beauty with unbelievable electronic creativity, delivered straight from his famous marathon sets, Fumiya Tanaka is both a producer and a DJ. And not any kind of a DJ, but one that collaborated with Ricardo Villalobos.

Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’ takes the tracks of ‘Sundance’ 2008 and turns them into a re-mastered piece of vinyl insanity. And with so much beat power, on this sort of music ground, created by a DJ like Fumiya Tanaka, ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’ qualifies as a good release from Torema. We know that!

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