Unknown – Due – HOWL002

The HOWL is back, are you ready to howl? We’ve had the pleasure to review the debut double disc from Giovanni & Germano’s label HOWL not too long ago (link), and we’re pleased to say the sophomore 12” is as fun as the first but with a touch of mystery this time.
The infos on the release are quite vague, but stating the obvious, both sides of the record contain an edit each. There’s been quite a few edit labels floating around, and it’s definitely a nice way of releasing an interesting piece that may or may not have been intended for the club floors. That being said, editing is not to be taken as a light task as it involves more than sticking a kick drum and a few hi hats on top of something else. In this respect, the A-side does justice to it’s source material and we can definitely spot a trend of stripped down, minimalistic material thats coming out of the wolf’s mouth. The ethnic theme is undeniably present throughout the second half of the track with an effective albeit simplistic approach to the percussion scheme, but then again, it doesn’t really need to be any more or any less than it is.
The B-side is all about evolution, and what an evolution it is! Spanning just a bit over 16 minutes it’s definitely the subtler of the pair, sporting a flamboyant percussion layout with empowering top work, all brought together by a mesmerising pad and around the 8 minute mark, an accompanying ethnic sample.
HOWL is doing some some very nice exploration work with the first two releases, and we’re quite excited to hear where it’s heading to next (possibly space?).
HOWL002 will be available in the next few weeks in all the good places (on planet Earth and beyond).

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