Verrina & Ventura – Uno – [HOWL001] Review

Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura are no strangers when it comes to the murky world of techno, the first being part owner of the well established All Inn Records imprint, as well as partners in crime with the former as Howl Ensemble.

HOWL is their new imprint together and it shall serve as their output platform for their future sonic adventures. The debut release, simply entitled Uno, is an intro to what you should expect to hear on the new label and for the most part we can certainly say that it is definitely best friends with a club environment.

Disc 1 starts off with a deceptively long track that makes no effort to ease you into it, going straight to the meat & potatoes with effective percussion and bass schemes, ladened with occasional bursts of vocal samples as well as a driving “uh” that eases into a rough pad that keeps you on your toes throughout. The B-side’s two complementary tracks only serve to reinforce the notion that they are part of the same universe, albeit in slightly different approaches.

Disc 2 features a similar three track design starting off with a long and silky journey through mysterious snare patterns but this time backed up by a smooth chord that will surely keep you smiling at any after hours situation. Side D brings together yet another two cuts, the first of which is definitely the one to spot at peak time, with it’s signature synth stab and “take no prisoners” attitude. In similar fashion, the final track of the double EP concludes the slightly esoteric vibes of its 5 brothers, with a more laid back, stripped down approach.

It comes as no surprise to us why the duo chose the 2×12” format as throughout the experience we get a deep feeling that the 6 pieces belong together, being different facets of the same stone, one that comes to life at its fullest in the smoked filled darkrooms. HOWL001 will hit shops later this month.

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