Vid to release “Rebirth” on Memoria Records

Vid aka Sorin Rastoaca Unknown also as Egal 3 is a producer obsessed with nature and organic sounds.
His latest release “Rebirth” is stripped but not light on feeling, and mines a vein somewhere between deep house and minimal techno and will be available on 12th March by Memoria Records.

Rebirth’ is again about little tiny details and how they evolve with time, but the framework they inhabit this time is deep, late-night house with gentle tinkles on keys coming over like a fluttering candle in the dark.

Etime’ is a fluttery, eerie cut that works on many subtle layers. Like the feathery minimal percussion of Villalobos, the Romanian’s sounds present like flapping butterfly wingsas a kick drum punches out a varied pattern below.

Poem’ is a little louder and bolder, with a firm rolling kick drum and drunken, wubby sounds running right through its core. Plenty of sonic details flesh out the languorous but slightly tribal groove.

3729’ gets its head down and mines a shifty,itching and tight minimal groove, closing out an EP which shows VID to be a master of working minimum sounds into maximum effects.

More info here.

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