Vlad Caia – Connection EP Gilesku 003 Review

Young Slovenian label Gilesku has presented us a right beauty here in the form of their first release for 2012 signed by none other than our dear friend Vlad Caia.

 We dive right into the A side “Acid Land” that takes us to this mysterious futuristic place where acid seems to be the dominant life form evolving in tandem with a carefully crafted array of 808 patterns. This is one hell of a dancefloor hypnotiser.

 Moving on to the title track B1 “Connection” we enter a subtle, yet powerful, straight beat accompanied by a playful synth sequence that dominates the track along with an ambience provided by a string of distant rides. Steadily evolving, it gives way to a few low pitched vocals, flanged pad and a snare pattern that will keep your feet moving to this insanity.

 Finishing off, we find B2 “Lost Quintet” that is the odd one of the bunch, in that it presents a heavily swinging rhythm and melancholic piano played in a beautifully jazzy way. This just makes you put your feet up and relax while nodding your head to this crazily infectious groove.

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