Vlad Caia is playing in Paris for the second INMOTION event – 6th of April 2013

Inmotion Paris, is preparing for its fans a new party that sounds to be really amazing. The event will take place on the 6th of April 2013 and starts at 11 p.m. The line-up includes the two resident DJs – Nathalia and LE Paresseux, but also some successful artists that have considerable influence on electronic music industry: Vlad Caia, LamÂche and Lowris.

Vlad Caia (Amphia) is a famous producer for his sound experiments in the electronic music that include orchestral arrangements and jazz rhythms. It is pretty sure that he will make his audience float in a world that has no limits.

LamÂche is a well-known name in the electronic music industry and one of the residents of Toi.Toi.Musik. Furthermore, LamÂche’s music is considered to be unique for its quality, form and composition.

Lowris (Æternum Music / Concrete) is usually very careful about his music and although he is very young, he is already successful and loved by his audience.

Nathalia (Voyage / Inmotion), one of the resident DJs, she offers quite of a trip into electronic music sounds every time she mixes her sets.

LE Paresseux (Most Wanted / Inmotion), also a resident of Inmotion Paris, is part of a very promising new generation of electronic music artists that will definitely connect through his music with his audience.

The price for one ticket before 1 a.m. is 10 € and it is available only for those who are on the Guest List. 15 € is the price of a ticket after 1 a.m., but tickets can also be purchased from RA with 12 €.

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