Vlad Caia Live video from Spot Bleu Sessions

Ears will melt at the sound of this session, one that opens new frontiers in the bleak corners of the dance floors. Behind this experimental piece of pure innovation is Vlad Caia, generally known for a lot of releases. The excerpt we share here in this post is the result of several years of continuous focusing only on manners of rule avoidance in music.
Distancing himself from mainstream sounds and faint electronic, Vlad Caia created a distinctive new approach towards beat variations and the intricacy of influences. This music laboratory deals with contemplation upon the jazzy feelings one gets from an orchestra playing classic notes on turntables.
Deeply thought and instinctively mixed, the sound session you are about to listen is located at the Parisian Spot Bleu, the headquarters of experimental DJs and producers. It wakes up fallen senses. One can’t argue with that! So enjoy this aftermath of rule-breaking!

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