Voigtmann, Nightclubber Podcast 63


Our Nightclubber Podcast comes with another fresh episode signed by the London based German Claus Voigtmann. We had the chance to hear him play once in London and as far we are concerned he’s smiling while the records are spinning. Voigtmann is an artist who has an ever increasing catalogue of knowledge, taste and skill providing what appears to be a long road ahead of him.  Claus is highly appreciative of the art of mixing and in love with his vinyls.  An architect, designer, musician and Dj and electronic music producer. Fearless and defiant to trends and hype, Voigtmann as an artist, is a true reflection of the ethos around his promotion topped with the ability to express himself creatively in various mediums as seen on Toi Toi’s related artwork which are designed by him.

He is the founder of London’s most underground and conceptual party  alongside Isis Salvaterra, Toi Toi Musik, has been creating quite a stir lately, not only for his Dj sets at his very own Toi Toi in London but also Fabric, Rex  Club in  Paris or other warehouse parties and clubs.

A constantly evolving ear adds to his progression as producer, a very careful and patient one who concentrates in perfectioning sound rather than hurrying to have releases out. Such dedication and patience has been paying off.  His first release has been signed to Jan Krueger‘s and Daze Maxim‘s acclaimed Hello?Repeat label. The release is due next Autumn.

This month Voigtmann can be found playing at his Toi Toi night in London alongside Marc Schneider and in Paris on July 12th at the Rex  for ‘Hello Toi Toi”  where, as a main guest he chose noone less than the best representation of London and British history, the master: Craig Richards. Straight after he joins Hello?Repeat label heads: Jan Krueger and Daze Maxim who are hosting a Hello?Repeat Weekender at Club Der Visionaere in Berlin (14th & 15th July) with a line-up that is as extensive and juicy as a summer festival one.


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