VOZ – LAST EP Review [TLS002]

TLS’s second vinyl is coming from an Frankfurt/Offenbach duo named VOZ which is the Spanish word for voice. The idea behind the name is simple: voice, sound and speech – a necessity for those who create and understand life lyrically but also musically. Speech is something powerful but sometimes we need sound and music in order to express emotions and passion. This is exactly what VOZ did so let’s have a closer look (or hear) at what they have created for truelovesounds second vinyl EP called LAST.

A1: Last
Last is a very minimalistic and clear structured track. Its dance orientated features like the groovy base line and dubby edge bass melody are creating a dark effect throughout the track.

B1: Bim
In comparison to Last, Bim is a much more deeper and darker track although I find that it gives more potential to self-interpretation. A clamping, grasping melody confers a sense of mystification so when listening to it I catch myself submerging into a different environment which makes me want to listen to it again and again.

B2: Last (Dubtil Remix)
Dubtil serves an absolute on point interpretation of the track. All the elements are chosen carefully and are put into the right place at the right time. Compared to the original, Dubtil’s remix is little playful but very smooth, grooving and on going.

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