Welcome to Masomenos night with Dan Andrei and Valentino Kanzyani on 24th March

Welcome to Masomenos‘ an audio-visual system the french duo use to produce their pontaneous, lighthearted, psychedelic, no limits universe. It is a place where their ‘Friends’,  mischievous and multicolored bunch of animals that appeal to children have chosen to set up home with lots of other crazy characters in their outrageous, souk-style, flashy fuchsia colored shop that is simply unmissable, located at Masomenos, 34 rue du Mont-Thabor, Paris 1.

On 24th March, Masomenos will host a “Welcome to Masomenos” showcase in Paris featuring the duo alongside romanian rising star Dan Andrei and “Jesus Loved You” head Valentino Kanzyani.

More info here.

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