Ricardo Villalobos and Zip at Womb 24 May 2013

This is a onetime special occasion we are honored to bring forward. What Tokyo is about to experience is absolutely amazing and unprecedented. Simply imagine that on a single Friday evening, on the 31st of May 2013, from 23:00 to 06:00, Womb shall see into the future of techno, and – since this future does not lie into the womb of time – it will be possible.

Thanks to Ricardo Villalobos, who contributes to the accomplishment of this with his minimal sets, always unexpectedly fresh and quite ahead of our time and Zip, a collaborator of Ricardo Villalobos and the main figure behind Perlon label, this event is sure to produce waves of techno energy you haven’t yet felt. Things get better and better, because the line-up is impressive both in number and quality of artists. It is enough to inform you that Den, one of the most important figures of the Japanese scene, will be there to teach us the future of music.

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