Xandru, Nightclubber Podcast 93

Xandru brings to a stop the cravings for new sounds, and he sets the stage for upcoming releases. Just on the horizon Welt Recordings and Vinyl Club Recordings touch up music stories we are eager to listen. Xandru also tells us that a project of him also involves Nima Gorji, a Scandinavian DJ and producer. This one is scheduled for September. Till the next EP release, Xandru and Nightclubber bring to you the latest podcast episode, a listening experience teaching us what music addiction is about.

Deeply thought intricacies, vibrating feelings, and modulations driven to perfection tell more about the upswing of Xandru than anything else. His childhood was all about music. As a rising star, he mixed alongside Vera, Valentino Kanzyani, Miss Fitz, on the stages of Bucharest, Ibiza, Paris, and Berlin (Club der Visionaere). The list goes on but the podcast waits no more.

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