Yate, Nightclubber Podcast 129

YATE aka Yaroslove & Technique is an Ukrainian duo with a constantly evolving production and recognizable signature sound. By now they have a growing discography within various labels: All Inn, Body Parts, Baile Musik, Cooltool, Pro-Tez,Project London Records, Propaganda to name a few. We invite you to discover more about the talented duo, as they were kind enough to answer some questions for us.

1. How did you meet or whats the story behind YATE?

(Tolik) Well, our story begins almost 10 years ago, back in 2006. Our common friends introduced us to each other at the New Years Eve party in Odessa. Both of us already were having a strong affair with music.

(Yaroslav) I was coming more from a DJ background – collecting records, crafting my mixing skills and playing some gigs, whereas Tolik always was more into machines and his own music production since early 00’s under alias of Technique. By the time we met he already was performing live sets fully on a gear. This is really got my attention, because I was at the point when the development was needed but I had no idea where to start and our first encounter at that party got us into 2 days long conversation about synths, music and production. In 5 months we performed our first live set together at Kazantip, that was a start of our duo Technique & Yaroslove – we’ve been producing together ever since. In 2012 we’ve shortened the name of our collab to YATE due to a obvious reasons of ease and density.

2. Now we know that you come from Odessa, can you give us a short description of the scene there?

Odessa scene has been through a lot these past 10 years. There was a crazy time back in a 2003- 2007 time frame, the city was packed with clubs, underground parties, young promoters and even some true industrial techno raves occurred from time to time. Many of Odessa’s native musical talents were raised during this period of time. After that we’ve seen a significant change in a negative direction, especially in terms of clubs, most of them were shut down due to crisis starting from 2008 all over the world.Of course a mid-sized city as Odessa couldn’t ignore this impact, especially within the entertainment sector. However, the spirit of a beautiful and vibrant sea side city cannot hold down its inhabitants to sit still, we felt the urge to wake Odessa up from a hibernation. In 2011 we’ve united to launch Feeleed parties.

3. What is the concept behind Feeleed?

From a very first day our doctrine was that Feeleed is a project for those who don’t demand a press-release, line-up speaks for itself, and we stand still by it today. Each member of our crew is a dj/producer or both, at the moment our foundation consists of 7 residents – Rayo, Eric,Kolford,Ja.sha,Plato and two of us – YaTe. Music is our main priority, as well as providing our guests with high quality sound system and visual experiences. We are always trying to raise the bar of our standards, create something new and interesting, so the crowd can never know what to expect when they come to the party, but what they know for sure is that they will enjoy the music, welcoming atmosphere and long-lasting afterhour session. During the last 4 years Feeleed was a pop-up event that took place at different locations every time. Howeve in September we finally announced that we found our own venue and switched ourselves into construction mode instead of throwing a celebration party dedicated to our anniversary. This is very important and exciting moment for our team, we are looking forward to opening which is scheduled for Spring 2016.

4. We’ve read earlier in a Nastia interview that you have a lot of unreleased material, both tracks and edits, when will they see the light of day?

We are constantly producing quite a lot of tracks. Those which are not intended for releases are left for us to play or sometimes shared with our close ones. It’s really nice to have something special up your sleeve to surprise the crowd. This year was rather calm for us in terms of releases: just one remix came out on a record (Monkey Fish – Mornin -Yate remix – ZVINYL001). We were focusing on finishing up some projects, reorganizing our studio etc. Nevertheless, 2016 going to be fruitful on the records and most of them are our solo EP’s.

5. Also she mentioned that Tolik likes to experiment with machines? Can you tell us more about this?

As we said in the beginning, he always had an obsession with machines, obsession that he instilled to me as well. He has a truly technical mindset which allows him to think out of the box, come up with fresh ideas and apply them to our production. It is not only about machines, but what you are capable to do with them. Speaking of machines – this is a never ending story when you are in constant pursue of evolution of your sound. Our studio is packed with different gear synths, drum machines, eq’s, and a modular which we are building piece by piece for couple of years now. We have a solid base consisted of some favorite tools, but the other half is rotating often, there is always something interesting out there you know.

6. What inspires you on a daily basis besides working in the studio or being behind the booth?

We live in an interesting fast changing world, there are so many sources of inspiration. Besides music of course, we inspired a lot by traveling, gigs, meeting new people, sharing moments with our friends and family, etc. Anything that could deliver positive emotions which could turned into a creative results.

7. Can you give us some names of your favourite artists?

We appreciate various kinds of music and artists. Its certainly not limited only to electronic scene, because its is necessary to broaden your horizons. It’s impossible to point out one single artist from all the variety we have now. But here something that we may listen to unwind a bit:

8. Greatest gig/venue/crowd that you have played? 

Ones that comes to mind with a snap of a finger are: Sunwaves, Guesthouse and each gig at Arma17.

9. What comes next for YATE?

Besides the upcoming releases, we’ve completely focused on our new live set, working on it on daily basis for couple months now. It’s been a while since we performed live and that one definitely going to be a special treat.

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