Yaya (Desolat) , Nightclubber Exclusive Interview

We had the opportunity of interviewing one of the members of the Desolat familly , Yaya and we are delighted to share this with you and also his first episode of the Desolat Radio Show that is hosted on M2O by Yaya himself .

1. Hello Yaya , how is everything going ?

Ciao! Nightclubber, Everything is happy and just Great! I just had the opportunity to return to my home Turin, Italy. It was quite unbelievable 2011 season in Ibiza and now I am super excited finally to be back in my studio and start to working on upcoming new productions and my new exclusive global Yaya desloat radio show beginning this winter 2011 season.

2. What was you first encounter with electronic music and how did you start producing ?

My first love seduction with electronic music came about at age 15, as I was a percussionist at first and become quite proficient with playing the congas. Actually what happened? I started to listen to dance electronic music and with the combinations of playing my congas; I figured after 1 year, to start to play with turntables and now after 9 years here we go!!

3. Please tell us how you became a member in the Desolat familly ?

Desolat is my family and I am very blessed for the opportunity and in deep thankfulness and gratitude to be a part of them. It’s 3 years ago; I was actually in Africa. My family called me to the telephone and was Loco Dice…  Loco Dice said he would like to see me and know me because he listened my tracks and he liked them , i was really happy!.
Then Loco Dice and Desolat were happy with my 2nd release on Desolat Label, I started to work together with the agency (Artist Alife) AND that was the stepping stone and one of the many building blocks of how Yaya Desolat came about!

4. What are your inspirations when it comes to producing ?

I see myself as a very growth mind-set person so I see inspirations 24/7 all around me. With regards to music I am very unbiased. I am curious to all kinds of music, noises on the road, television, conversations, ring tones…my mind and body is working 24/7 like boxer Mayweather searching for new sounds to make music.

5. Can you tell us something about your future releases ?

Yes, absolutely! Right now this fall! First and foremost!  We have created my Yaya Desolat Radio Show which I believe we our providing nightclubber as a exclusive preview and we are very thankfull for the opportunity.The show is also broadcasted presently every other week in italy on m20 every other week presently on Mondays! This show will be a new episode each week of sounds and the vibe of Yaya Desolat I am so happy to express to the world and excited!
I also will be having a special exclusive guest appearance on Vibefm Vibecast in October so that is also pretty exciting!
My Yaya Desolat Radio Show this fall we are beginning to syndicate as will be on hopefully a local broadcast fm network in your country and many to all internet dance radio top tier networks that best fit the Yaya Desolat radio brand! Right now we will are also going to be scheduled on Pulseradio.net and MyDjspace.com will be syndicating the show! My next release will be next month on Hummingbird label with Varoslav and Re.you RMX, Vinyl and digital, which I am quite excited. I am working right now on various collaborations with other labels such as Cadenza and hopefully in the near future a special album compilation on Desolat.

6. We’ve seen footages of playing at Zoo Project and found out about your residency there, tell us a bit about your gigs there.

Zoo Project! Yes Man! Was a really magnificent experience for me to play there, the organizers and the niche motief and perception of Zoo party experience! They are so funny and are my very good friends. This is one of the major reasons, why i decided to sign on as residency for two years in Ibiza and around the world.

7. Have you ever been to Romania ?

Ce faci? Ce faci?” Sure! I love Romania! The women and people are magnificent and I we are planning to come back soon hopefully this fall for 2011. I played actually last time at Iarmaroc fest, three days in the woods! Was totally Super! crazy and every time when I have the opportunity to work with my great friends Livio & Roby we spend really good time together, smiling and joking enjoying life, the party, so much fun!

8. Best gig you ever had?

Row 14 in Barcelona to this date has been hands down the Top!!!! For sure! I played this summer for my first time and I closed the terrace from 12.00 till 14.30…was unbelievable!

I actually cannot wait to be there again as was to me special and a great and bless opportunity.

9. Besides Yaya the dj , can you give us some details about what Yaya as a normal guy loves to do ?

Yaya is just a purpose driven studio normal person. I stay about 8 to 10 hours in my studio every day trying to get myself better to make my production and performance each time I play the best I can possible.

Outside the studio I really like to spend time with my family and my friends because I’m always usually touring globally.
For me the family is the first thing and I believe everyone must cherish where they came from to exemplify any substance of music to the masses whatever form of music they use to reach and gain the wisdom of crowds!
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