Zenker Brothers “Berg 10″ (IlianTape 010)

Artist(s) : Zenker Brothers

Label : Ilian Tape

Cat.No. : IlianTape 010

Format : 12″ / Digital

Release Date : August 2011

Techno has come a long way since its birth in the 80’s and young artists such as the Zenker Brothers (Dario and Marco) and the Ilian Tape gang make this genre more exciting than ever, “Berg 10″ EP is clear evidence of that. These tracks are not the first we’ve heard from this duo, they’ve released a couple, that I really enjoyed, on their label under the “Fronsua” monicker.


The title track “Berg 10” is not your average techno track. As we have been accustomed with their solo productions, these guys like to mix it up a bit when laying down the beats. The percussion gives it a very playful flavor with alternating snares, claps, rhythmic synth and various elements ranging in the upper end of the spectrum while the thumping bass and kick drum give this a track somewhat of a big room sound. There’s a hint of Detroit influence that’s easily distinguishable in the beautiful string ensemble that comes in about half way through. This track can really take you far if you let it.


Inti” is what I call a good transition track that’s always good to have in your crate since it helps prolong the vibes that you’ve already layed down in your set, but can also serve as a good platform for launching greater energy tracks towards the dancefloor. It certainly holds the theme of the EP quite well with the beautiful pad, powerful and continuous bassline and groovy percussion.


Finishing off the EP is dance floor bomb “Studio” which resembles the same steady growth in elements as seen in the previous two. The Zenker Brothers do a great job here as well putting the emphasis on the heavy, but smooth, bassline and the bright and lively pads that fluctuate nicely due to some heavy compression. This one has the happiest vibe, out of the three, which is to say that the whole release is all but lacking that – positivity and optimism are the overall feelings that I gather here.

I have been watching the two germans’ solo productions for a couple of years now, and they never seem to fail at surprising me with their authenticity in production technique as well as unique melodic elements. Their sound is notably different than anything else you can hear out there and I have no doubt that this will be a major advantage that will take them far in this industry.


1. Berg 10

2. Inti

3. Studio

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