Music has always been present in his life, while his parents listened a lot. It was pop music, not so special, but he could learn what music meant on a daily basis.

All started with a Richie Hawtin & Ricardo Villalobos b2b mix , which was totally different but unique. Second step, seeking for that sound discovered besides Ricardo or Richie, Magda, Luciano and Loco Dice.
Since then, things have become clean, Ricardo’s sound became a favorite and a guide into house music, jazz or classical influences too.
This kind of music was so exclusive and gave a special feeling, when he first started to use the PC for producing. In the first years, it was just a game. But two years ago he wanted to do more, bought some stuff and started to work harder. Now it’s clear what he wants to produce, the imprinted sound from his mind.

“I want to work slowly. Create quality music, play only good tracks. It will be a slow process, still have to learn. I don’t want to be an overhyped guy, only to do what I love, show the hypnotic side of electronic music to real music lovers, at private parties, limited clubs, intimate gigs. Would like to release valuable tracks, represent quality and continue this trip into sound.


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