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Pavel Stanovskiy is the man behind Experience Records, a burgeoning label with a penchant for the classier side of house. One of those labels that pays serious attention to detail, Experience’s output is characterised by great artwork, shrewd A&Ring (by Pavel himself) and of course, great music. The latest VA is a case in point. Featuring four local artists, it keeps the family vibe alive with some gusto, and showcases the label (which also doubles as an event agency) at its most polished and refined. This, we’re assured, is still only the beginning, as Pavel informed us when we caught up with him recently… 

Hi Pavel, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start by talking about your history in electronic music. How did it all start for you?

Hello! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and the Experience Records project. My musical tastes have been formed since childhood. Playing basketball from school age to close to professional level required the right musical vibe and that was hip-hop. I was inspired by early 2 Pac, Onyx, Mobp Deep, M.O.P, Busta Rhymes, DJ Premier, Wu-Tang Clan, Diplomatics and others. All this music was united in me by a warm analog sound, a dense kick, quality in general. I grew up with this and from around 2010, anything produced after just didn’t fulfil me as much: the time before were the glory days!

What was it about it that you loved so much? What made it stand out for you aside from other music?

The desire to listen to something new led me to a straight kick. At that moment, I discovered house. Around 2013, I came across a DJ set by Mihai Popoviciu, who led me to a deeper sound. From that moment, everything turned upside down, I was inspired and began to eagerly look for something like that. For me, it has become a wonderful journey, almost like meditation. Rhythm, groove, style.

Was there a point with your sound and productions where you truly felt confident?

It is difficult to say, you always want more, there is no limit to perfection. I have been learning to play the piano for half a year now using a special method, and this radically changes the approach to creating music. In my future solo record, the tracks will include piano elements and a couple of live instruments. 

Are there areas of production you still feel as need to work on? 

Everything is just beginning, there is still a lot to learn, that’s why the process of producing is wonderful both in writing music and running a label with all the marketing aspects that follow.

Tell us a bit about the decision to run a label. What motivated it?

Over the course of five years, I have listened a lot, collected and singled out for myself a closer sound. In 2016 I graduated from DJ school. I gained knowledge and the skill to work on professional equipment and technique.

Then the performances began, the organisation of the first parties, and in parallel, I began to collect analog synths. By the way, I have a number of classic drum machines in my collection, such as the original Roland 909, 808. I actively use them in my tracks, they really enliven the whole picture and add richness. Covid began and I finally had to sit at home, and then progress in writing really began.

The reason for the launch of the first record and label was the birth of my son Adrian. He is depicted on the sleeve of the first vinyl and his laughter is included in the track, ‘Gravity in the Pit’. This event was a real motivation for me to do something serious and dedicate it to my son.

Can you tell us a bit about what and who is involved? 

My friend and brother in sound Farid Odilbekov, a fairly well-known DJ and producer, helps me in dealing with the label, Farid has more than ten vinyl releases under his belt. So far we are doing everything together.

And what are the day-to-day challenges you face with running a label in 2022?

We faced only one: there were long delays in the production of records, we waited for about a year, but as I understood it was a common problem. Now everything is better, so we waited for the second release to be printed in 2022.

You also run an event agency. Could you tell us a little about the highlights of your musical career and current events?

I have been doing events since 2017. We held the brightest parties in the Gazgolder club, this is one of the top venues in Moscow. Playing there is always a pleasure, a grateful audience with a taste for music, great sound and atmosphere. 

Now, of course, there are many difficulties due to the current political problems around the world. It is very difficult to bring foreign artists. So I hope that soon all this will end and a fair world will come.

Is there one vibe you always try to ensure at your parties?

We always want the public to come to the club primarily for music and for the good vibes, and we try to do our best to achieve this. We want them to want to return to us again with the expectation to again receive quality product from professionals.

As a DJ/producer, label owner etc, do you make yourself goals? What is the ultimate aim with the label for example?

As a DJ, my dream is to continue to share interesting music through my perception and delivery. My main dream is to play at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) both individually and with our showcase label Experience Records, for me it will be a very important event.

As for the fate of the label, the Blue VA will be followed by the Orange VA IN February 2023 if all goes according to plan.

The ultimate goal is to reach a recognisable level and keep the quality mark, while maintaining its individual style both in design and in sound.

Your latest VA is really awesome – can you tell us a bit about the artists involved there?

I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s no coincidence. Cusack is a friend of mine, we met at a music literacy course, and he was the one who instilled in me an interest in vinyl. After training, we started collecting records and would run from our day jobs to the turntables on a certain day and just play. Then our party community was formed and the name Experience was born. I have been following the work of Vincent Casanova for a long time. Once we contacted each other and our friendship began on a social network. He recommended contacting Vern, whose work I also always liked. I grew up and brought up on these musicians and I am very proud that they entrusted me with their unique material for the release of our second release.

What’s next for the label that you’re really excited about?

Music connects people around the world as a universal language of mood and depth. Everything you need is attracted by itself, of course, connections decide, communication and friendship determine a lot.

There are potential contenders for the Orange VA, which is planned to be the third release of the label, and at the moment we are starting negotiations.

I single out artists by the sound close to us, I follow many, I have my favorites. When planning the next release, I try to define the concept of the project, every time I want to put together something fresher in sound, then I select applicants, write personally and communicate.

Now at the stage of the label’s formation, it is necessary to maintain a subtle and delicate policy in order to keep the brand of quality. The guys write to us on social networks, throw off the material and we answer all messages. We are grateful for the trust and the interest shown. After the release of all four records, I think it will be more clear what and how next.

Keep up with Experience Records on Instagram and SoundCloud 

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