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In just under two weeks MEF (Mallorca Electronic Festival) will embark on their debut edition amongst the beautiful settings of a 17th century farmhouse on the island of Mallorca and afterwards at Selva Club. The festival will showcase a series of underground talent including Felipe Valenzuela, Cartulis’ Unai Trotti, Loa Szala, co-founder of the festival Dani Casarano, alongside an array of local and Spanish talent. 15+ hours of music, with various food options and a vinyl market available on the day for festival attendees. The start of something special on the island of Mallorca and we wanted to discover more. We have been fortunate enough to catch up with Dani ahead of the festival on September the 3rd…

Tickets: https://ra.co/events/1555622

Tell us, where did the MEF journey begin? Who is behind the scenes? 

We had been thinking about this festival idea for a long time with my girlfriend Maruxa. When the pandemic started we decided to move to Palma de Mallorca to reinvent ourselves and of course with a lot of time to think and missing a lot everything we had experienced with music for years we came to the conclusion that we had to do something as soon as the conditions were right

What is the main ideas and concept behind the festival? 

The concept of the festival is inclusion. The audience is the main actor in an event and our mission is to show them our vision of what it means to include. This is why it is important to include local artists who have a lot to say through music. When I speak of including I am not only speaking of Mallorca but also of Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza etc…

I think it is essential to bring all these people together to create a symbiosis and make things grow but in our own way.

Lots of great partners involved for the festival, how did these come about? Did you all share the same vision of creating a festival together? Are you all based in Mallorca? 

Once the issue of the pandemic began to improve by living in Mallorca and being close to Barcelona, I began to travel a lot to buy records and meet friends and that was when I met Erlin from Mad radio through my brother from another mother Gonzalo who also shares the same passion for music as me for years. Erlin was doing great things with Mad Radio and I thought it would be interesting to add him to this project.

On the other hand, Abscal also joined, who lives in Granada and who is also one of my partners in the label and parties Melcure, he is the man behind the numbers, a fundamental part of understanding where we are and what our goals are.

Of course, Maruxa, my life partner who follows me in all my crazy things, created the project with me.

Once the team was created we got to work!

Let’s start with the lineup, it seems you have carefully curated a selection of underground artists for this edition, is this something you was conscious of when taking care of the bookings? 

We are aware of what we are doing and I think that with this we again come to this issue of inclusion. I think nowadays there are too many events and festivals with the same names over and over again. In the end, if you want to do something different, you have to be consistent with what you propose, and this is also regarding the artists. Those who are on board in this first edition are here because we respect them and believe in their talent and not because of hype.

The location looks stunning, a unique spot to showcase stellar underground sounds, can you tell us a bit about the venue? What can party goers expect from the location? 

For this first edition we have two different locations, the first is Sa Possession, an old Majorcan house from the 17th century, Balearic heritage, a place full of magic in the open air with two different music stages.
There the event will take place from 3pm to midnight. Then from midnight to 6 in the morning the event will continue at Selva club. We have chosen these two locations because they are fundamental parts of the local scene today and without them, who knows, we would not be talking about a festival of these characteristics now.

Will this be a single edition or do you plan to expand in the years to come? Would you consider a full weekend festival? 

Of course our idea is to continue growing, but we want to do it in a natural way without pretensions, just showing what we know how to do best and always with great respect for the audience and for the artists who accompany us in each edition. But I would say that things will happen.

Can you leave us with one track that can sum up the closing of the festival?

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