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We have recently been lucky enough to catch up with Take A Trip founders DJ W!LD & Inessa Raum. This year saw them launch their concept, with a series of dates in London which is already under way with the first back in September. Next stop is 21st October with Arapu and Maco, with more action in the coming months. Here is what went down when we spoke with the TAT founders, including some news on their forthcoming label…

Your Take A Trip event series recently launched in London, how do you feel about this? 

Excited to  be  back with a series of fetish themed events soundtracked by some of our favourite artists. After the end of our beloved Dailycid where we were running events from 2017 it feels great to enter the room with a fresh concept reborn in the form of Take a trip.

Can you explain to our readers the ideas behind Take A Trip? 

Take a trip, is a record label (more news coming soon on 001) and we also run events. Some of the parties are themed, for example fetish, and some events are without any theme, for us the most important focus is on music and fun. You might want to ask why we have a fetish theme?  Because it’s fun, it’s sexy and when you play the game and you get involved by dressing up, whether that is all out or something small, you become a part of a great experience and adding to the 360 trip we aim to deliver. We wanted to add some spice to our events and have something new and different but still be focused on music and performance. We are always pushing to have all communities to mix and having fun together. Not only one genre of music, not only one personality, gender or sexuality.

Regarding the record label, we take an open minded approach to the music ranging from house, UKG, electro, minimal, techno, DNB, Trip Hop and any sub genres in between we can find.

Your venue is located in West London, Bedford Square, what is it about the venue you love? 

It’s a really beautiful location and building, and London is a city we have always loved to bring our events to. The venue provides an ideal backdrop to our vision, just a perfect location for this kind of event, providing the right amount of intimacy for the experience.

The next  event you will host Arapu, and Maco, and the last one was with Pressure Traxx boss Arno, and Marlie, as DJs do they summarise the Take A Trip ethos?  

Yes they totally do. The ethos of the Take-A-Trip parties is playing quality music and being ready to have fun and party.  We enjoy the sounds from those artists, so we can’t wait to feel what they bring to Bedford Square. We will also be playing, steering the night deep into the vibe we associate with the surroundings.

Event: https://ra.co/events/1598155

Alongside the series of events you will also launch the label, can you tell us a bit about the debut release on the label? 

Yes, the debut release is with Chris Geschwindner, Lost act, Max Casebolt and myself (W!LD). These are all producers we follow closely, each of them bringing their own refined underground aspect to the first release on the label. This release will follow in due course when we can announce it, but we can safely so we are very excited for you to hear it.

What else can we expect from Take A Trip in the next year or so? 

From our side we will keep on doing what we do, working hard, making music, and exploring different avenues of creativity wherever we can. We would like to grow and develop the Take A Trip with more events around the globe, and we have many EPs and albums from talented artists in our hand, so it is safe to say we are excited for the year ahead.

Can you leave us with one track that you think of when you think of Take A Trip?

This is a tricky question as it’s difficult to describe this label and concept in one track. As you will see in the first various where each track is really different, it is the same as the DJs we book, so we guess it’s impossible to describe Take A Trip just with one track.

Next Take A Trip Event: https://ra.co/events/1598155


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