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With Toúcanplay’s latest EP, What Really Matters, set to be released with Andhera Records, we had a chance to catch up and dig into what really inspired the music. The Manchester duo’s release features 2 original tracks giving us a mix of vocals and moody baselines perfect for any dance floor. Here is what they had to say…

Hey guys, great to meet you! 

Hey man great to meet you too!

How are you, where are you both, how has this year been?

We’re good thanks, just trying to stay as positive as we can during these strange times! We’re both from Manchester, UKThis year has been a bit of a struggle for us due to everything that has been going on, but one positive is we have been able to spend more time in the studio so we have quite a bit of new music ready to release.

When did you first meet? How was it?

We first met through friends of each others at Sankeys (RIP) and would often after party together. We would always be the ones playing the tracks and people always suggested that we should dj together! This was around 7/8 years ago!

Did you start working together immediately? Why did you think it would work?

Yeah we just started a bit of a duo project together, we had fun and that’s why we haven’t stopped. We had a sound that complimented each others and one day we thought lets just give it ago and we haven’t looked back since! 

Who does what? Like does one do bass, one keys etc? Do you each have your own respective skills you bring?

When it comes to productions we often start ones on our own and collaborate on them when we get together, but out of the both of us Jeziah has the creative spark with ideas on producing the goods! Martin works well on tweaking the sounds, creating strong arrangements and putting in the final touches on finalising the track.

And musically do you have similar backgrounds and tastes or is it more opposites attract?

We both have a wide range of genres that we like, live music artists such as FKJ, The XX as well from old school RnB & Hip Hop. We also love Disco, Funk & Soul. The thing is, good music comes in various different forms and when we hear it, we can appreciate it.

How has it been writing music with no crowds to test them on, no feedback from playing in the club?

It’s had its difficulties but luckily we’ve got good honest friends to give us the feedback that we need to hear, good or bad! Also we are quite lucky to be residents on Project London Radio where we host a live bi-weekly show so we often get to test out our new music on there but we do miss the clubs!

Do you always work together in the same studio or can you do internet collabs?

We often get together and work on projects in the studio but just to try and be more efficient, we do work alone sometimes which really does help the overall output of music we create. We are always happy to do internet collabs with other artists at the minute as that’s all we can do with the current world situation.

Do you always agree on everything, or how do you resolve disagreements?

I wouldn’t say we always agree on everything but we are both relaxed enough to say if were not really feeling something without any hard feelings being felt. We’re always open to each others ideas and if something is not quite right then we work together so we are both happy.

What inspired your latest What Really Matters EP on Andhera Records? When and where was it written?

Our love for minimal music is what really inspired us to make this EP. We went a little bit deeper with these tracks trying to create some beautiful vibes, manipulating the vocals as well trying to as keep it in line with our own style. We made these tracks earlier in the year and then started looking for a label. Andhera was one of our first choices due to the success and quality releases that they have already had. So once they were happy to sign them we were extremely happy to be joining the family. The whole team are amazing! I can’t speak highly enough of them and we are excited for what the future holds with them.

What does really matter?

We love the question aha it’s the music that really matters. The vocals inspired the name!

What’s the first record you will play when you’re able to play a proper DJ set again?

SY – Manduc! This track got us both when we first heard it and we can’t wait to be able to play this to a crowd! It’s a thing of beauty for the right time and place.

Toúcanplay’s “What Really Matters” is out now on Andhera RecordsGrab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/what-really-matters/3164986

Keep up with Toúcanplay at Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud

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